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TakeThemAMeal.com Overview
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General Questions

What is TakeThemAMeal.com?

Is TakeThemAMeal.com a free service?

How are meals provided through TakeThemAMeal.com?

Do I need to create an account to use TakeThemAMeal.com?

Will meal providers be reminded of their upcoming meals to provide?

I love to cook for others. Can you tell me of a recipient in my town who needs a meal?

Instead of bringing meals, I need to coordinate a lot of food for an event. Does TakeThemAMeal.com meet my need?

Who created and is maintaining TakeThemAMeal.com?

Meal Coordinator Questions

I haven't coordinated a meal schedule before using your site. How do I get started?

Oops! I've forgotten my administrative password. What should I do?

What questions should I ask the meal recipient?

How do I edit my schedule?

How do I extend my meal schedule?

How do I add a link to the Notes section of a meal schedule (i.e. link to recipes or family blog)?

How do I set up my meal schedule for more than one meal or need per day?

How do I invite my friends to participate in a meal schedule?

How do I invite friends who I've invited to prior schedules?

How does your website work without requiring me to create an account?

How do I view the most recent version of a schedule?

How do I invite friends using Facebook?

How do I let the recipient know about the meal schedule?

How do I customize the dates on the meal schedule?

Does TakeThemAMeal.com accept international addresses?

Oops! I accidentally deleted a date from my meal schedule. How do I add it back?

How do I remove unwanted dates from my meal schedule?

The meal schedule I'm coordinating is very irregular. How should I proceed?

I don't know exactly when my friend's baby will arrive. How should I proceed?

How do I end my meal schedule when people are still signed up to bring meals?

How do I communicate with the people who are part of my meal schedule?

How do I thank everyone who provided a meal?

How do I print out my meal schedule?

How do I disable my meal schedule?

Why isn't a Google map link appearing on my schedule?

What emails should each person involved in the meal schedule expect to receive?

Why am I not receiving reminder emails?

When are the 'Invite friends' invitations sent?

I think my invitations aren't getting through to my friends. What should I do?

How do I include meal providers who don't have a computer?

Why do I need to fill out my coordinator information each time I create a meal schedule?

A friend accidentally changed information on my schedule. Can I make editing only available to me?

I'm changing my meal schedule start date, but it's not reflected on my schedule?

Are my email and my friends' emails safe on your site?

Is my meal schedule information secure?

Can I use TakeThemAMeal.com to plan a one day meal where many friends are bringing food?

Meal Provider Questions

Help! I can't find the schedule. I've forgotten my user password. What should I do?

How do I sign up to take a meal once I've accessed the meal schedule?

How do I edit or change my existing meal entry?

What emails should I expect to receive?

Does TakeThemAMeal.com provide the food?

I need meals. Can I create a meal schedule for myself?

How do I get meals to a friend (or a friend's family) who is in the hospital?

I cannot edit or remove my entry. Help!

Meal Order Questions

Must I order food through your site or can I prepare a meal in my own kitchen?

Church Questions

Can we put meal schedule links on our church website?

What are some meal schedule set up tips for churches?


Still have questions? Email us at info@takethemameal.com.