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General Questions
What is Take Them A Meal?
Is it really FREE to use?
How are meals provided through Take Them A Meal?
Do I need to create an account to use Take Them A Meal?
So, if I'm coordinating a meal schedule, I really don't have to create an account?
Who created and maintains Take Them A Meal?
Questions about... Coordinating a Meal Schedule
I've never done this. How do I get started?
What questions should I ask the meal recipient?
Can I edit my schedule?
How do I extend my meal schedule?
Can I link to other websites (recipes, family blog, etc.) on my meal schedule?
Oops! I've forgotten my admin password. What should I do?
Questions about... Customizing and Removing Dates on My Meal Schedule
Can I include more than one meal (or need) per day on a meal schedule?
What if the dates meals are needed aren't straightforward? Can I customize the dates on my meal schedule to suit my recipient's needs?
How do I remove unwanted dates from my meal schedule?
Oops! I accidentally deleted a date from my meal schedule. How do I add it back?
Questions about... Invitations and Reminders
How do I tell others about the meal schedule?
How do I let the recipient know about their meal schedule?
What about reminders? Will someone who signs up to provide a meal be reminded?
What emails does Take Them A Meal send?
Why am I not receiving reminder emails?
Questions about... Providing Meals
How do I access a meal schedule to sign up and provide a meal?
Help! I can't find the schedule. I've forgotten my password. What should I do?
How do I sign up to take a meal?
Can I edit or change my sign-up once it's on the schedule?
Does Take Them A meal provide the food?
Questions about... Sending a Meal Instead
Do I have to order food through your website? Can I prepare a meal in my own kitchen?
I don't know what they like to eat. Can I send a gift card so that my recipient can choose their own meal?
Questions about... Ending a Meal Schedule
Do I have to end my meal schedule when it's over?
How do I end my meal schedule when people are still signed up to bring meals?
Can I get in touch with people who are participating in my meal schedule?
Can I thank everyone who provided a meal?
Questions about... How Churches Can Use Take Them A Meal
Can we put meal schedule links on our church website?
Any special tips to make setting up meal schedules for my meal ministry at church easier?
Questions about... International Usage of Take Them A Meal.com
Can I enter an international address?
Can you deliver meals to international addresses?
Questions about... Privacy and Security
Is my meal schedule information secure?
Will you spam me if I enter my email address on your website?
So you will respect my privacy?
Questions about... I Just Want to Help!
I love to cook for others. Can you tell me of a recipient in my town who needs a meal?
I want to help but don't know anybody who needs a meal schedule.
This is awesome. I want to learn more.
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