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Meet the members of the team....

Adina Bailey and Scott Rogers

Adina Bailey (Founder, COO) and Scott Rogers (Founder, CTO)

     Melissa Jenkins

Melissa Jenkins
Director of
Customer Support
Lindsey Shantz

Lindsey Shantz
Customer Service
Maureen Witmer

Maureen Witmer
Director of Outreach
and Engagement

how it all began . . .

In December of 2007, a close friend of ours collapsed from the sudden onset of a heart condition. The phone rang day and night because family, friends and neighbors wanted to help by bringing meals to her husband and four young children. We felt overwhelmed by the task of coordinating meals, but we wanted to help and knew the meals were needed. As a result, we designed a website that eliminated the need for making and receiving time-consuming phone calls.

Once the site was finished, we realized that meal scheduling is done not just when tragedy strikes, but when babies are born, when friends are receiving medical treatments, and in so many other situations. Before we knew it, many of our friends were making use of and word was spreading.

We made to help one family we care about deeply and that in itself made the site worthwhile. Now we share this tool, widely and freely, so others may be helped as well.


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