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Frequently Asked Questions
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Why send a meal?

Food is a simple, tangible, and meaningful way to show you care.

Who can I send a meal to?

Anyone! Your recipient does not have to have a meal schedule through our website. You can send anything in our store to anyone for any reason. So if you're not a great cook or if you live miles away, you can show your support by sending love from our web store.

Placing, Changing, or Canceling an Order

How do I place an order?

Can I change my order or my shipping date?

I need to cancel my order. What should I do?

Our Food

Are your meals hot and ready to eat when they are delivered?

I only see certain items and quantities served listed in your web store. Can I order something different?

My recipient has a nut allergy. What should I do?

My recipient keeps a kosher home. Are your meals certified kosher?


How and when will my meal be shipped?

Are your meals available for delivery the same day?

How much are the shipping charges?

Do you offer delivery outside the United States?

Does my recipient need to sign for their meal delivery?

My recipient is currently in the hospital. Will you deliver the meal to them there?

Signing Up

I placed an order but my name is not displaying on the recipient's meal schedule. What should I do?

When should I sign up on my recipient's meal schedule?

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