Update! MORE Not So Obvious Times to Take A Meal
Update! MORE Not So Obvious Times to Take A Meal
In April, I wrote about 12 "not-so-obvious" times to take a meal to a friend. Wow! The response to that post was overwhelming (in a good way) and extremely useful. I'm going to post an updated list below after I share a short story.
After reading the post, two women wrote to suggest bringing a meal to your friend right BEFORE a baby is due. Immediately, I remembered that this was done for me over 13 years ago when I was expecting my second child and hanging out with my busy toddler during the day. One of our pastor's wives showed up on my doorstep with a pan of enchiladas. I was exhausted and without a dinner plan for the evening. I can still picture the lovingly rolled tortillas with the yummy cheese on top. I imagine that my grateful husband remembers the meal as well.
Enjoy scanning through this updated list. Maybe in the future, something on this list will spark the idea to offer your friend a meal.
MORE "not-so-obvious" times to take a meal:
  1. Moving out of area or into a new home
  2. Incarceration in the family
  3. Kids getting in trouble in a family
  4. Big do-it-yourself projects around the home, either inside or out
  5. A vehicle accident, and dealing with insurance, injuries, repairs, etc.
  6. Miscarriage
  7. Caring for aging parent
  8. Caring for a family member in hospice
  9. Loss of home use due to storm, fire, or other disaster
  10. Expecting mom ESPECIALLY if she has other children, has morning sickness or needs bed rest
  11. To bless and heal - give a meal to encourage
  12. Mission workers/missionaries on home assignment
  13. Newly arrived immigrants or students from abroad
  14. Mother of the groom (Mother of the bride made the original list)
  15. Adult in college - spouse eats whatever is available during exams
  16. Knee, hip, back surgery - spouse will appreciate it too
  17. Single friends or invite him/her to dinner - hard to cook for one
  18. Graduate school - especially around the end of the term
  19. Parents of special needs kids
  20. During fertility treatments
  21. Child has an eating disorder (or really any mental illness)
I hope you find an idea or two on this list helpful as you are caring for your friends or if you're considering asking for support during a difficult time. I was encouraged by the thoughtful responses because I now have more ideas for when my own friends and family members might need an extra hand or a meal to pop in the oven. If you missed the original list, you can find it here.
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