Questions to Ask a Meal Recipient

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Questions to Ask a Meal Recipient
Often, we set up meal schedules for those we know best - close friends and family. But what happens when there's someone in your life who you don't know very well, but could greatly benefit from a meal schedule - a new neighbor, an acquaintance in your MOMS group, a co-worker or member of your church?
Five years ago, a TakeThemAMeal user, Kathy Ridgeway, sent us a questionnaire she created. She would print these questions or send them in an email when setting up meal schedules for people in her church. We've made a few adjustments over the years.
We hope these questions and the attached document make the process easier for you as you care for those in your community.
Download this Questionnaire as an editable Microsoft Word document or a printable PDF.

Meal Recipient Questionnaire
1. Date it would be helpful for meals to begin:
2. How long would you like to receive meals?
3. Which days of the week would you like to receive meals?
4. Do you want meals each day, or every other day (keep in mind most folks are very generous so there are often leftovers)?
5. Time you'd prefer food to be delivered:
6. Contact Information:
  1. Address -- including landmarks and color/identifying features of house:
  2. Home and cell phone numbers; which one is better to use?
  3. Do you want the meal provider to contact you when they're on their way? Do you prefer a call or text?
  4. Do you want to share an email address? If so, please list it.
  5. Alternate contact in case you aren't available:
7. How many adults and children will be eating?
  1. How old are the kids?
  2. Will there be an extended family visiting during this time?
8. Food allergies and preferences (think of everyone who will be eating when you answer the food questions, i.e. children, visitors):
  1. Food allergies (circle all that apply):
    Wheat/Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Egg, Tree Nut, Peanut, Fish, Shellfish, Other
  2. Absolute hates ("kids won't eat any green veggie but we love salad"; spicy foods; etc.)
  3. Absolute loves
  4. Special diet requests- Vegetarian, low fat, low salt, low carb, sugar free, no desserts desired, vegan, organic, other
  5. Do you like ethnic foods? Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, other
  6. Do you eat pork products?
  7. Do you enjoy fish /seafood?
9. Do you prefer disposable containers, or will you wash and return the containers?
10. Sometimes people want to provide carry out/delivery if they are too busy or are out of town:
  1. If someone was going to order directly from your meal schedule on TakeThemAMeal, which meals would you prefer?
  2. If someone was going to order a meal from a local restaurant, which one would you prefer? Please list the name, location, and phone number, as well as some menu items your family enjoys.
Download this Questionnaire as an editable Microsoft Word document or a printable PDF.

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