A New Year's Message & Top Posts of 2020

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A New Year's Message & Top Posts of 2020
Happy New Year! When our world changed suddenly in March, we didn't know what that would mean for the users of TakeThemAMeal.com. Would people keep taking meals to their friends? My gut told me yes, but initially, there was a lot of uncertainty. Very quickly, we were assured that "no contact" meal deliveries were not a concern and we continued to support your work of caring for your family and friends. I'm surprised, but I'm also not surprised that 2020 didn't stop you from taking and sending meals - LOTS OF THEM!
You didn't have the privilege of seeing all of the meals that were coordinated through our site in 2020. Meal schedules filled up as friends took meals to each other and delivery trucks filled up from friends sending meals to each other. Thousands of spoons saying "YOU ARE LOVED" were sent all over the country.
Seeing the ways you cared for each other during a challenging year helps us know that together we can walk through 2021. I was reminded this morning of one of my favorite quotations from one of my favorite books, David Copperfield.
"The cottage of content was better than the Palace of cold splendor... where love was, all was."
We saw you make the best of 2021, and it was inspiring! You continued to care for your family & friends. I was reminded of these words by Dickens because if nothing else, you had love for each other in 2020 despite all of the terrible and hard challenges you faced.
Our top posts of 2020 show your continued desire to care for one another. Our top post of the year was how to continue taking meals in the midst of the coronavirus. Not far behind were 3 Ways to Help When Meals are Covered, Your Go-To Meals, and 4 Ways to Prepare for Taking Meals in 2020. It's a good thing we gathered our containers early because we had no idea what the year was going to hold.
More than anything, we hope that the time comes in 2021 when you can use PerfectPotluck.com again to plan school parties, family reunions, church meals, and neighborhood picnics!
Happy New Year!

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Adina & Maureen
Adina & Maureen

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