4 Ways to Prepare for Taking Meals in 2020

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4 Ways to Prepare for Taking Meals in 2020
The arrival of a new year sparks thoughts and conversations about cleaning out and organizing after the holidays. I love how the new year gives me an opportunity to start fresh, but truth be told, I'm hoping to get my Christmas tree down this weekend and it takes me most of January (and maybe more) to get the house semi-ready for the year ahead.
Next week, I'll be creating a freezer meal schedule for a family and it got me thinking about the ways I can get ready for taking meals in 2020. With a little advance preparation, I'll have an easier time helping others with meals when I hear of a need.
Here are four practical ways you can be ready for taking meals this year:
1. Refresh your kitchen
For the first time in a while, I came across a post about refreshing your kitchen that was super practical, economical, and encouraging. Kate at Naptime Kitchen offers 12 steps for decluttering your kitchen and setting it up in a way that functions well for you. As a result, meal preparation will go more smoothly. When it's time to take a meal, your work space will be ready to go.
One of my all time favorite tips from Kate is to cut your kitchen sponges in half. They really are too big and a pack lasts twice as long that way. I haven't gone through all of Kate's steps yet, but I did take 15 minutes to clean my sink area this week which gave me a boost.
2. Have ingredients on hand for your "go to" meal
I've found that it's helpful to think ahead to when you will be invited to participate in a meal schedule. What is your "go to" meal that you can put together easily with ingredients from your pantry and freezer? Buy those ingredients and have them ready to go, so taking the meal is a snap when the time comes. Often, meals are needed when you're having a busy week, but a little advance preparation will allow you to meet the need without difficulty.
3. Inventory your meal containers and meal taking supplies
Once you have decided on your "go to" meal, be sure you also have the needed containers for cooking and transporting the meal. I like to keep a supply of foil pans (9x13, and 8x8) on hand as well as glass jars and plastic quart containers.
4. Have a freezer meal ready
I'm thrilled when I have a freezer meal ready to take to a family. It makes the delivery time flexible and I was able to put the meal together when it worked with my schedule. If you've never done this before, I encourage you to give it a try. Double one of our favorite freezer meal recipes and freeze half to have on hand for a friend. When you're invited to take a meal, you'll be thrilled to remember you have one in the freezer ready to go!

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