5 Things You Should Include with Every Meal


5 Things You Should Include with Every Meal
Keeping these five simple tips in mind will ensure a successful meal delivery every time!
1. The right containers to transport your meal
I've found that choosing what you're going to transport your meal in before you start cooking, rather than as you're cooking, can make the whole process much easier. Whenever I go to the Dollar Store I pick up a stack of disposable foil pans in a variety of sizes to have on hand. If you use a recipe from our tested and approved recipe section, you will find a container recommendation on the right side of the page.
Be sure to keep the needs of the meal recipient in mind- if they are in a hard place, they probably don't need the added worry of remembering which dish goes where. If you take a meal in a dish you would like returned, put some masking tape on the bottom with your name on it to ensure it gets back to you.
2. The right amount of food
Cooking for a single elderly person and cooking for a family with teenage boys requires very different amounts of food. One of our helpful Facebook users suggested these portion sizes to use as a guide - 1 1/2 cups of soup per person, 1/2 cup of rice per person and less than 1/2 cup dry pasta per person. If you know leftovers would be appreciated, overestimate on quantities. Better to have too much than too little.
3. Clear instructions
Based on our experience, the best kinds of meals are the ones that require little to no preparation. However, if your meal does need to be warmed or cooked, leave specific details about time and temperature. Write everything they need to know on our free printable labels.
4. A list of all ingredients and brands (if severe food allergies and/or sensitivities are present)
We can't stress enough that taking food allergies into consideration when choosing your meal and ingredients is very important. As someone with a severe food allergy, nothing is more reassuring than knowing that a meal was chosen with great care and attention to detail.
Even if there aren't any particular food allergies listed, think carefully about the situation. Is this a new mom who is nursing? Avoid gas-inducing foods like onions and broccoli. Are you cooking for someone who is going through chemo and/or radiation? Choose foods that are appealing and easy to eat and digest.
5. A warm hug and the reassurance that you're there for them.
Sometimes, a situation calls for dropping off a meal in a cooler outside or on the doorstep to give a family privacy. Other times, a meal recipient cares as much about the visit as the food itself. In either case, letting them know you're there for them in their time of need, and being a faithful friend in the months and years to come, is what it's all about.

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Adina & Maureen

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