How to Take a Meal to a Family with Teenage Boys

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How to Take a Meal to a Family with Teenage Boys
I was sitting in a waiting room with my teenage sons and I asked them what I should write about for the blog this week. Since they have grown up surrounded by the website, they have been the beneficiaries of some really delicious meals.
This post is a little tongue in cheek, but there is some truth to it as well. With one or two simple additions to your meal, you will have everyone in the family smiling, including the teenage boys.
We measured my eldest son's height two weeks ago and then again this morning (teenage boys, especially those who like basketball, are very interested in their height). He is growing so quickly that I think we can see it from day to day, and his brother is doing his best to catch up with him. We are buying men's clothes and shoes, but it seems like just yesterday I was sitting in Stride Rite watching the sales woman measure their tiny feet.
All of this growing takes fuel and a lot of it. So, my boys wanted to share their tips for taking meals to teenage boys. Here we go:
1. Bring a meal with MEAT! Especially red meat!
2. Bring BREAD. No matter what meal you're taking, add a loaf of bread. This way, even if you underestimate their appetites, there is something to fill their stomachs. It can be a super healthy meal, but please be sure to add a large loaf of bread.
3. Bring DOUBLE (or triple, just kidding) what you think a typical family would eat.
4. Add a PIZZA to the meal. If in doubt that you are making enough food, throw in a pizza.
5. Know that (more than any other member of the family) teenage boys REALLY appreciate your meal!

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