Why We Have New Meals in our Store


Why We Have New Meals in our Store

This past year, Scott and I both lost a parent to cancer much earlier in our lives than we expected. Our Director of Engagement and Outreach, Maureen, was blessed with a third child who has a special heart. I write these details not to earn your sympathy, but to let you know that our staff understands, in many ways, the strain on individuals and families when life gets hard. The meals brought to our families over this past year have been a reminder that meals are a thoughtful and loving gift.

When you're depleted, tired, or sad, a quality, nourishing meal not only sustains you, but encourages you and gives strength.

A few months ago, we met Mary Drennen and Tiffany Vickers Davis, the owners of Nourish. As trained chefs and moms, Mary and Tiffany understand how helpful a meal can be as well. Mary recently welcomed twin boys which doubled the love in her home, but decreased her time for cooking. She knows that new moms need healthy, energizing food that is easily prepared. Nourish makes meals that fit the bill.

We are now partnering with Nourish to offer healthy, delicious, easy to reheat meals that you can ship to loved ones all over the country. Nourish meals are made with good for you ingredients that we believe are critical to a meal that sustains both the body and soul.

We know your friends and family will appreciate the gift of a "Nourish"-ing meal from our store - and that's why we're partnering with them.

Why We Have New Meals in our Store

Why We Have New Meals in our Store

Why We Have New Meals in our Store

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Adina & Maureen
Adina & Maureen

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