When A Meal is the Best Gift

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When A Meal is the Best Gift
I want to share a story with you. Several weeks ago, I received a kind email from a woman named Lynette who had read our blog post "Why Asking for Help is Hard." She admitted that it's not always enjoyable to read about grief, but she appreciated the article.
Then, she went on to tell me that October was the one year anniversary since their family had received their own "terrible call." Her nephew worked for the State Police and was killed in the line of duty in October 2017 leaving behind his lovely wife and three precious, young daughters.
My heart broke when I read Lynette's email. When I thought of these young girls living without their dad, my mind went back to the night my dad died four years ago and how much I still miss him. Daughters and dads can have a special bond. I also remembered how hard the one year anniversary was of my dad's death. Sure, I had made it through the year, but each of those days he wasn't with us. The calendar and the familiar sights of the holidays brought back all the feelings of losing him again.
In my email reply to Lynette, I said it would bring me great joy to send her niece a meal from our store. Would it be okay if I sent one? I wanted the meal to be a reminder to her niece that Lynette and I were thinking of her and cared that she was still grieving.
Lynette and I sent her niece two meals a surprise. I didn't expect to hear anything after that point, but was extremely thankful for the opportunity to care for this grieving young mom and her girls.

When A Meal is the Best Gift

The day after the meals were delivered, I received an email from Lynette. Her niece had posted several photos on her personal Facebook page of the meals we had sent. The note that her grieving niece put with the meal photos articulates perfectly why a meal is the best gift.
"This sweetness happened today...Things I love:
  1. Food.
  2. Having prepared food dropped at the door so that I don't have to have "company" (or be awake from my nap) in order to receive the food.
  3. That adorable spoon.
  4. Oh, and the fact that a year later people still realize that some days I'm still drowning and need some extra care..."

When A Meal is the Best Gift

If you're like me, you struggle to know what to do when you know someone in your life like Lynette's niece is hurting. My interaction with Lynette reminded me again just how much a meal can mean to someone. If her niece was local, I would have enjoyed cooking her a meal in my own kitchen, but because she lives in another state, it was convenient to send her a meal from our webstore. Just like me, I hope this story helps you to remember that a meal is a simple way to show A LOT of love to someone who needs to know that friends and family still care.

When A Meal is the Best Gift

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