When the need is greater than meals


When the need is greater than meals

"I just wanted to give people an ordinary tool they could use to accomplish extraordinary things for the people they care about most." - Nick Fama, Founder of DonationRocket.com

This was a difficult summer for us because we learned of a family member's cancer diagnosis in July. The person diagnosed was not my husband or children, but it was someone in my family who is very dear to me. Even with excellent insurance and resources in reserve (which I know makes them very fortunate), there was much discussion in our family regarding the medical bills that began to flood the mailbox.

I know that my family is not alone. There are families all over our city facing similar struggles. Every day through TakeThemAMeal.com, we hear of families across the country who are dealing with piles of medical bills.

When it's your family facing extraordinary medical expenses, it's very difficult to ask for help. It's humbling to admit that there isn't enough money to pay the bills, and that's where DonationRocket.com comes in.

I became aware of DonationRocket.com a few weeks ago, and the concept is fantastic! The site was founded by Nick Fama who was diagnosed over a year ago with terminal lung cancer.

"I have been through very difficult treatments and I know firsthand what a financial burden it can be when you are sick," he says. "The average cancer patient spends $8,500 out of pocket in just the first year of treatment."

Nick's own experience with medical bills inspired him to give people an easy way to really help the people they care about, and DonationRocket.com was born.

If you have friends who are facing cancer or another long term medical diagnosis, consider using DonationRocket.com to help them raise funds for their medical expenses. The site uses a simple, secure donation processing, along with tools and helpful resources to assist you in raising money for your friend.

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