What to Do When Your Friend Says "No Meals, Please!"

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What to Do When Your Friend Says

It's not easy to ask for help. I was thrilled this week when a friend of mine, who is definitely in a situation where she could use a hand, took a risk and asked several other women for help. Her husband is receiving chemotherapy and she is also happens to not be feeling great at the same time. She needs her friends during this rough patch and she bravely asked for help.

Here's the twist. Typically, we all jump in and want to take a meal. Even the first offers extended to my friend this week were for food. Unfortunately, her husband needs a specific diet right now, so meals are not going to be helpful. When it became clear that taking a meal wouldn't be the best way to support my friend, I appreciate how this circle of women came up with other solutions for helping.

Here are the ways these friends jumped in, instead of taking a meal...

- One friend's teen daughter offered to come over to cook dinner and clean

- Another friend told her to throw all her laundry in garbage bags, so she could pick it up and bring it back "washed, dried, and folded"

- One mom said she could take the kids for a day and send a change of clothes because they would be outside playing with water (I love this idea because it's fun, the kids can really look forward to it, and it tires them out)

- Several women said they would call when they were at the grocery store to see what was needed that day

- One friend said she'll take the kids to an inflatable park and then lunch

- Another friend is coming by to mow the lawn

I love that I know this caring group of women and I continue to learn from them as we walk through life together. I know this list is not exhaustive, but it's a good start when you hear of a need and meals are already covered.

Other than taking meals, how do you like to help a friend who's facing a challenging time?

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