We've Made Some Updates For You

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We've Made Some Updates For You
It's the start of a new year! Scott and I want to take a moment to tell you about some updates we've made to TakeThemAMeal.com and PerfectPotluck.com.
First, our goal for 2019 remains the same as always. We want to continue to offer you EASY online solutions for helping your friends and planning your gatherings. That way, you can spend your time with those who are most important to you, instead of spending hours coordinating on your phone and computer.
Here are some updates we've made to help you in 2019:
1. Security - Over the past few months, we've implemented new, even tighter security measures to protect your privacy. As always, we NEVER sell or give away information that is used to create meal schedules or group meals.
2. Facebook - This is not so much as an update, but a tip. Did you know that you can paste your meal schedule or potluck link to a Facebook post?

We've Made Some Updates For You

If you want a specific group of people to see your meal schedule or potluck link on Facebook, you can create a private event and paste your link in the description.

We've Made Some Updates For You

3. Gift cards - We've added an electronic gift card to our store! It's the perfect solution if you want to send a meal and you're not sure what meal your friend might like. The best part is that the gift card link hides the store prices and your friend can select almost any meal from the store.

We've Made Some Updates For You

4. New meals - We've added a new meal to the store and it's my current favorite - Cheesy Bacon Carbonara. At your request, we've also added three meals that will serve 5-6 people. I also just finished taste testing three new meals that will be available in a few weeks.

We've Made Some Updates For You

5. New boxes - Our shipped meals, now arrive in custom boxes that reflect that quality of the meals inside. Most of our ingredients are local and we're proud to partner with A Bowl of Good to provide healthy, delicious meals for your friends.

We've Made Some Updates For You

Please continue to keep in touch and let us know what would be helpful as you use our sites to care for your friends and plan gatherings. We continue to be inspired by your kindness to those you love.
Happy New Year!
Adina and Scott

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