Unique Memorial Gift Ideas

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Unique Memorial Gift Ideas
We're always looking for thoughtful ways to encourage or care for those we love. When you have a friend who is grieving, you want to do something tangible like taking a meal or giving a meaningful gift. Here are some thoughtful memorial gift ideas we've collected over the past year:
Memory Pillows - After my dad died, my mom and her friend sewed several of his favorite shirts into pillows for me and other family members. My pillow is made from one of his favorite flannel shirts and it even came with a pack of Lifesavers in the pocket. I love having this pillow around because I can picture him wearing the shirt. One of my sisters received a pillow made from the shirt my dad wore at her wedding. Here's an easy video tutorial if you would like to make a memory pillow for a friend.
Tool set - A dear friend told me her niece, Codi, made this cloth tool set for her first child out of her grandfather's old coat. My friend sent me a photo and I couldn't believe what an adorable and meaningful gift this was for the child and the family. You can buy the tool kit pattern on Etsy.
Memory Teddy Bear - If sewing is not your thing, there is another wonderful company on Etsy that will take your loved one's clothes, tablecloths, blankets, etc. and turn them into adorable bears. I have ordered from this company and their work is beautiful and very high quality.
Quiltlove - This is the quilt company we mentioned recently that allows groups to make quilt squares in the comfort of their homes and Quiltlove pieces them together to create a quilt for the recipient. The quilt squares are designed using markers and paper (supplies that everyone already has on hand) and an image is sent to the company. The designs are printed on fabric and assembled into a quilt. I love the idea of writing favorite memories on the quilt squares to encourage the grieving recipient.
LaurelBox - If you are looking for a gift for someone who has lost a child, miscarried, or is struggling with infertility, LaurelBox offers curated gift boxes that are almost as good as a hug. One of my favorite items is their birthday candle, which can now be personalized with a loved one's name.

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