Two Tips (and One that Didn't Work)

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Two Tips (and One that Didn't Work)
It's hard to believe that last year at this time we were enjoying an end-of-season basketball banquet at my kids' school. It's also hard to believe that was the last group meal we attended as a family (unless we were outside and distanced).
Despite the drastic changes to our lives over the past year, I am in awe that you continued caring for your friends with meals (and other sometimes scarce items, like toilet paper). Maybe we are wearing masks and dropping meals off on porches, but that didn't stop us. I know for sure because I saw the full meal schedules and I continue to see them. The unknowns and fears that came along with COVID-19 didn't stop you from pushing through and finding ways to safely care for one another.
As we continue to wait for healthier times, I wanted to share three quick tips/ideas related to taking meals that are not really related to each other, but definitely worth sharing.
1. Last week, I volunteered to pack individual post-game snacks for my son's basketball team as they were wrapping up the season. They had a shortened season that included masks, frequent temperature checks, and creating a bubble for their team. I wanted to put the snacks in separate bags, so they could be easily handed out and only handled by the player. I also wanted to include my go-to muffins without them getting smashed.
I put the muffins in Chinet clear cups and sealed the tops with Glad Press N' Seal. Then, I tossed the muffins in the snack bags. It worked great! This packaging idea is helpful to keep in mind if you want to send cupcakes or individual portions of snacks into a classroom, meeting, or along with a meal.

Two Tips (and One that Didn't Work)

2. Last month, I was invited to a Zoom bridal shower. Before the shower, we each were mailed an envelope with the bride's favorite tea, cookie, and some garland to decorate our space during the shower. My absolute favorite part was when I opened the invitation, a paper butterfly came flying out. I was surprised and it made me smile. Years ago, my son had a few of these and loved them, but using them as part of a celebration was such a good idea! You can see the paper flying butterflies here. If you are looking for more ideas for how to show pandemic hospitality, you can hear us and others share our experiences on The Steel Magnolias Podcast.

Two Tips (and One that Didn't Work)

3. I thought I had another good tip for you, but it turned out to be flawed. I was taking a last minute meal to a friend and picked up supplies on the morning of the meal. I cut up the strawberries and thought to myself "I had better put a note on these in the fridge or someone might eat them before tonight." I had also bought the family a 6-pack of iced tea (a treat I don't usually keep on hand) and put a note on the iced tea just in case. Well, the iced tea was accidentally turned sideways in the refrigerator and the note was hidden. And, yes, when I went to take the chilled tea to my friend with her meal, it was now a 5-pack. My tea-loving boy didn't see the note.

Two Tips (and One that Didn't Work)

While these tips were a bit of a hodgepodge, I hope you leave encouraged as we head further into 2021. While life still looks different, we love that you continue to find ways to care and support one another.

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