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Top 13 "Meal Ministry" Meals
These Top 13 "Meal Ministry" Meals are brought to you by Janelle at Comfy in the Kitchen.
I get many sweet e-mails asking me what meals are best for meal ministries. I went through my files and chose the ones I make the most ! I hope this helps give you ideas.
This list is in no particular order and the number 13 was not my first choice, but it just worked out that way ;)
1. Lasagna can be taken in foil containers baked or not baked. This dish is easy to freeze. Make sure to add a bit more sauce so it doesnt get dry.
2. Chili can be placed in a large throw away bowl, refrigerates and freezes well. Be sure to add the fixens on the side and wrap them up! In this case its cheese, chives, sour cream and corn bread.
3. Wedding Soup is wonderful for a person who is sick, recovering a surgery, or just had a baby.
4. Chocolate Chip Cookies are always a treat to give someone!
5. Beef Stew is a delicious one pot meal to give to someone on a cold winter evening.
6. Chicken n Dumplings, Baked Apples, Green Beans, a roll and salad. A meal I took to a friend who just had surgery.
This is the same meal wrapped up. I added a pudding puff dessert to the side, made sure they had dressing and apple butter for their rolls. It is also a kind gesture to send throwaways so the person who you are cooking for does not have to return plates. If you must give them a plate, let them know to wash it and lay it out on their porch for you to pick up the next day.
7. I LOVE bringing quiche, to get togethers and sending them home with people. Quiche makes a wonderful house warming gift.
It also carries well to church.
8. Stuffed Peppers - I made these for my Mother-In-Laws neighbors.
9. Crescent Chicken, a salad, green beans, mashed redskins, and corn. Along with...
some brownies with frosting and mini m&ms for the kidos. The dad of this family just went through major surgery.
10. Turkey Tacos! This was just a meal on the go given to a close friend who is a teacher. I had extra and they had dinner!
11. Calzones are super easy to make and travel well. Simply wrap them up in foil and away you go!
12. Chicken Enchiladas travel well and are ohhh so tasty. (I would not recommend this for nursing mothers).
13. Pasta E Fagioli is a delicious soup that warms up well and is a meal in itself!
You'll find many more great recipes at Comfy in the Kitchen!
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