Tonight we're all looking forward to a special meal from a friend
Tonight we're all looking forward to a special meal from a friend
We are thrilled that Janelle Nehrenz, author of Comfy in the Kitchen, will be a monthly contributor to our blog. Janelle loves taking meals and encouraging others to take meals as well. To say she has many great recipes and tips to share with us is an understatement. We know you will love Janelle and her story as much as we do.
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I love Meal Ministry... no matter what the cause. But, I have to say there are times when I'm serving, I feel especially blessed. Today was the moment when I felt the most blessed. The dinner above was being prepared for a wonderful Christian family of 5 who is caring for their 6 year old son battling Leukemia.
My daughter went to pre-school with Jonny - he actually sat on my lap on a field trip the day before his diagnosis 2 years ago....
As I was making his meal a noise sounded from my computer alerting me of an incoming e-mail. It was an update on Jonny. Here's what it said...
Jonny's mom writes:
On this "feels like" five below zero day, Jonny and I find ourselves at Children's Hospital. It's been a wonderfully long time since I've last posted. Things have gone back to normal and it's been so good. Today Jonny is here for a regular chemo treatment. No spinal tap. Jonny has already had his port accessed and we're waiting for the results of his blood counts. He has already earned nine gold coin stickers on his treasure map. As is the norm, we should be here a couple more hours. Once we're done we'll swing by the infamous Ball Machine (where I'll grab a coffee) and head to Wendy's for some of Jonny's favorite chicken nuggets and a frosty...we'll make it home just in time to see Seth off of the bus. Tonight we're all looking forward to a special meal from a friend. It's nice not having to worry about dinner on a day like today. Thanks Janelle!
Typically we come to the clinic on Fridays. At our last treatment in December we learned that Jonny's beloved Dr. Talai is in semi retirement and is no longer at the clinic on Fridays. He will fully retire sometime in 2014. So for now we have changed Jonny's treatment day to Wednesday. This will take him out of school two or three days a month. It certainly was easier to come on Fridays. It was my day off along with my mom's day off. I've learned that with Jonny that keeping consistent with Dr. Talai is most important.
Good news, Jonny's oral chemo has been increased because he is able to handle the smaller dose without a drop in his blood counts. We'll be back for a count check in a couple of weeks to make sure the larger dose isn't causing a drop in his counts which would compromise his immunity system.
Keep all these things in your prayers. We continue to cling to the One who calls us to come to him and to cast our cares on him. Pray for us as we parent all of our kids. We desire for Seth and Maggie to also see and experience God's grace. Pray that they wouldn't build up hard hearts as they see so much being done for Jonny and because of Jonny. Pray that Keith and I would be sensitive to all of their needs and that we would be wise in pointing them to Christ.... who is all they need.
Much love and thanks to you dear friends!
Anchored in Christ....
And with that, I cooked and I prayed.....and cooked....and prayed. How fortunate I felt to be a servant to this family...I couldn't change what was going on in their lives, but I could make a meal.
A meal that mom didn't have to go out and grocery shop for...more moments to spend with her family...she didn't have to clean the kitchen. Hopefully there would be leftovers. I'm so glad to do this, I kept thinking....and praying....
When I asked, she said they liked plain food...Well, her husband and her children did anyways :) So, I kept it simple-homemade and comfy.
Crescent Chicken is Comfy in the Kitchen's most popular dish....I guessed they'd like that.
Sweet buttered corn
Sweet buttered corn goes well with...
Homemade mashed potatoes
Homemade mashed potatoes....the gravy was extra from the Crescent Chicken.
Classic Green Beans would add color....who could resist this flavorful side?
And if the kiddos didn't favor Crescent Chicken {it could happen-not likely, but it could!} Octodogs could save the day!
Last, but not least...Dirt Pudding Dessert! Everyone {even grown-ups} love this Oreo deliciousness....I stand firm it could brighten anyone's day :)
Meal Ministry someone.
A recently widowed woman...a new mom...a person who just underwent surgery...a family praying for God to heal their child.
In this life....
It matters. It just does.
God bless the hands who prepare a Meal Ministry!
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