Tips to Make Cooking More Enjoyable


Tips to Make Cooking More Enjoyable
Most of the time, I love cooking for others. Food is my love language, so all the hours spent planning, shopping, cooking and eating together are expressions of my care and affection for my family and others. Preparing meals is usually a joy.
But sometimes it feels like more of a chore. It has certainly felt that way lately in this longer than anticipated season of cooking and eating most every meal at home.
If you're feeling less than enthusiastic about cooking for your family and/or others this season, here are a few little tips to help make your experience in the kitchen a more enjoyable one.
Use kitchen tools you love. A few days ago my friend and I shared a fun conversation about our favorite cookware. It delighted my heart to learn we both shared a love of cooking with our cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens. That may sound funny, but we all have kitchen utensils, gadgets, or pans we prefer using. When cooking for others use the things that bring you happiness.
Cook food you love and you know others will love. My daughter recently had a birthday and she requested a more involved meal for dinner. I had a cheerful attitude because I knew she was going to love it. Choosing proven foods you're confident cooking can make a big difference.
Plan ahead so you can take your time. Taking a meal to others can become stressful when you're rushing around to get everything ready and out the door at a particular time. One of the easiest ways to be prepared is to pick out the containers you're going to use ahead of time. Have the shapes and sizes ready to go to ease your stress the day of your meal delivery. Also, get a start on your meal early in the day if time allows.
Light a candle and play some music. Add in anything that ignites your senses and calms your mood.
Pray for or meditate on the person you're cooking for. Oftentimes, I will try to remember the person or family I'm cooking for in prayer, especially if they're going through a difficult time. Keeping the focus on their situation and reminding yourself why you're doing what you're doing can change your outlook.
What little things do you do to make cooking at home more fun?

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