The True Measure of our Thanksgiving

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The True Measure of our Thanksgiving

I've learned a lot about our users this week as I've answered questions that have been e-mailed to us. Most of all, I have been overcome by the generosity of those who use our site because they are using their resources to offer care in extraordinary ways.

Here are a few recent examples of ways our users are helping others:

  • A community near a medical school created a schedule where families sign up to provide dinner for medical students who are completing their residencies.
  • Friends and family are caring for a young father and his two young sons as they grieve the loss of their wife/mother this week.
  • Students at a high school are providing meals for a teacher who is receiving cancer treatments. One person is bringing a fresh meal each week and one person is bringing a frozen meal for later.
  • A woman who is thousands of miles away from her dear friend ships a meal to her door to help lighten her load.
  • A friend of the site in Connecticut is inviting those affected by Hurricane Sandy to his home for a warm meal, showers, and internet service.

These are just a few examples from this week, and there are many others. We feel privileged to witness your overwhelming thankfulness as you use your time and resources to help others in exceptional ways.

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Adina & Maureen
Adina & Maureen

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