The Gift of a Lifetime

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The Gift of a Lifetime

I recently shared in a blog post that my family had a difficult summer. My kind, witty, hardworking father became very sick, and my heart was heavy as we found out he has cancer. Learning to accept his illness has been challenging, and living out of state with my young family has already torn my heart on several days when I wish I could be two places at once.

In September, my family received the gift of a lifetime. My mom recently worked with the photographer, Kathleen Hertel, at a wedding. Kathleen posted on Facebook that she was offering free photo sessions to families who are facing cancer, and she quickly offered to take photos of our family.

This talented and generous woman came to my parents house a few weeks ago to take photographs of my entire family. Kathleen even gave us all of the photos online, and let us know where we could find affordable printing options.

After the photo session, Kathleen shared her personal story with us. Her mother died of cancer a year ago, and the cancer progressed more quickly then they expected. Their family was planning a portrait during Christmas 2012, but they were never able to take the photo. In memory of her mother, Kathleen offers free photo sessions to families like ours.

My extended family hasnt taken many group photos over the years. Getting a family portrait done is always something that we say we will do, but in the end, we never make the time for it. This free photo session from Kathleen really blessed our family. We already treasure the photos. Thank you, Kathleen.

The Gift of a Lifetime

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