Staying Organized this Holiday Season


Staying Organized this Holiday Season
The holiday season is upon us and these busy weeks surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas can quickly begin to feel overwhelming. Stay cool and calm this year by keeping your holiday events organized. Here are some easy ways you can do that using and I've used the sites to help organize my own holidays, and they really do help!
Ways to use this holiday season:
Make dinner gifts: Last year, instead of a traditional holiday gift, I made dinner for my children's teachers. They loved it (who wouldn't love a night off of dinner duty after a hectic day teaching little ones)! Take it one step further by setting up a schedule for a few weeks and invite other parents to participate.
Make a card schedule: Use to organize a holiday card schedule to bring some cheer to someone who is in a nursing home, in the military, or grieving a hard loss. Have people sign up for a day to drop their Christmas card in the mail, or maybe even a day to go visit. A friend did this for me the month before my son had surgery and the daily encouragement was such a gift. This small effort could brighten up someone's whole month!
Ways to use this holiday season:
Organize community meals: If your organization or church puts together a Thanksgiving meal for a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or wider community group, use to categorize needs and contributions.
Organize a cookie exchange: Do you participate in a cookie exchange? Ensure a good variety by making each category on your schedule a different type of cookie. If you plan to bake and decorate together instead, make each category a necessary ingredient and add in the needed quantity.
Coordinate performance snacks: Use to coordinate snacks for a school or church holiday play performance
Organize Operation Christmas Child Donations: Stay organized at your Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party with a schedule, so you know you will have a variety of items for packing your boxes.
Coordinate your holiday parties: And, of course, is the perfect tool for all holiday school/work/church potlucks.
Happy organizing!

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