Sponsor a Meal for Sandy Hook Elementary for a Chance to Win a Book Bundle


Sponsor a Meal for Sandy Hook Elementary for a Chance to Win a Book Bundle

Thanks to many generous individuals, we have sponsors for almost all of the meals for Sandy Hook Elementary. We cannot wait to deliver the meals and encouraging messages!

We are collecting sponsorships until Friday, September 27th. Two authors, Karen Ehman and Courtney Joseph, have donated books to help us reach our goal. Yesterday, we also received books from Darlene Schacht who is a New York TImes best selling author. She added her new book, The Good Wife's Guide, to our book bundles that we're giving away this Thursday.

If you sponsor a meal for $5 or more, please comment below and we will randomly select 3 winners on Thursday, September 26th at 3 pm EST. Each winner with receive three books - A Life That Says Welcome, Women Living Well, and The Good Wife's Guide.

The part that I love about this giveaway is that I've never met Karen Ehman, Courtney Joseph or Darlene Schacht before (though I hope to soon!). They are friends of a friend, and when they heard about our campaign to take meals to Sandy Hook Elementary School, they sought out a way to support us.

The kindness of Karen, Courtney and Darlene is a snapshot of the generosity that we see daily as we work on TakeThemAMeal.com. Not only do friends help during difficult circumstances, but so do friends of friends, and it's a beautiful sight.

Click here to sponsor a meal.

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