Project Chemo Comfies


Project Chemo Comfies

For Christmas this year, my sisters decided to donate over 200 homemade fleece blankets to two Maryland cancer centers. The cancer centers will be giving the blankets out as gifts to their patients during the month of December. My dad has cancer and one of his main struggles during his treatments has been staying warm. We knew Project Chemo Comfies would honor my dad because he always taught us the importance of giving back to others.

My sisters have been overwhelmed by the response of family and friends who are helping with the project. Some people are donating fleece, some people are donating gift cards to fabric stores, and others are tying the blankets. Some friends are even throwing "blanket making" parties.

This weekend, my sisters, Dottie and Liana, went to buy more fleece along my nephew Wyatt. Liana shared the following story:

"While in the cutting line with 2 carts full of fleece at JoAnn Fabrics, a complete stranger asked Wyatt and I what we intended to do with all of the fleece. I told her our story and she listened. With a tear in her eye, she shook my hand... She then reached in her wallet, handed me money and said, "Please make a blanket in honor of your dad for me". This is the blanket that was created from the generosity of a stranger who asked a simple question, listened to our story and donated a blanket to our journey to bless others. Thank you, Ms. Clemetine S., you've left a forever stamp on my heart and left a lasting impact on my son, Wyatt."

Thank you, Ms. Clementine, for joining our family in this project when you didn't know us, but only our story. We are grateful.

If you know someone who is receiving chemotherapy and would like to make them a warm blanket, here is the tutorial that we are using:

Project Chemo Comfies

We would love to hear from you if you make a fleece blanket to give away. If you care for others in a different way during the holidays, please share your ideas with us.

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