Please Don't Apologize to Me on Father's Day

JUNE 16, 2016  /  ADINA BAILEY  / 

Please Don't Apologize to Me on Father's Day

Something has been bothering and I'm seeing it over and over again on social media. I want to be careful how I write this post because, ultimately, I believe that empathy is extremely important, but maybe we're feeling pressure to try a little too hard.

I'm going to provide the example of Father's Day because it's pertinent to me, but I am seeing this same trend for Mother's Day, pregnancy announcements, birthdays, etc.

Here's what I want to say to everyone who posts something great about their dad this weekend, but then says they're sorry to those of use who no longer have their dads...

"It's okay to celebrate your dad and to post how much you love him without apologizing to those of us who no longer have their fathers. I'm okay if you write about how much you love your dad and post a photo of the two of you. Having a good father is a HUGE blessing and I want you to treasure him. Spoil him on Father's Day, give him hugs, listen to his voice, look at his hands, and soak in everything about him. Instead of apologizing to me because I no longer have my dad, you can be assured that I want you to appreciate and enjoy your dad FULLY."

Certainly, it's meaningful when my close friends acknowledge privately that the day might be a sad one for me, but I want others to feel free to share photos of their Father's Day celebrations without guilt.

Losing my dad has caused me to know more than I have in the past that there are times in life that we should celebrate when we can. Living and caring for each other is difficult. There is a lot of sadness in our lives and the lives of those we love. That's why we need to appreciate life's true joys when they come!

We are all dealing with loss and sadness in some form or another. We should celebrate when we can and join in the celebrating of our friends. In the end, that's part of our healing when we have lost a loved one - being able to see the good gift we once had - the same one that others are experiencing now.

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