Nothing says "I care for you" like freshly baked cinnamon rolls

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Nothing says

Last month, I did something that I've never done before, and I'm so glad that I did. When we arrived at my in-laws' house for a visit, my mother-in-law asked if my sister-in-law and I would attempt a recipe for her on Sunday morning. We agreed, but if I had known ahead of time that she was asking us to make homemade cinnamon rolls, I'm certain I would have declined.

For a while now, I have not considered yeast to be a friend of mine in the kitchen. Because I know that cinnamon rolls recipes typically use yeast, I have avoided making these scrumptious treats. Despite my fear, the ingredients had already been purchased, so I thought I should finally give it a try.

My mother-in-law selected Ree Drummond's (also known as The Pioneer Woman) recipe for cinnamon rolls. The recipe was very detailed and provided many tips, so I was hopeful that we would have success. Saturday night, we started by making the dough and it rose in the refrigerator over night. Sunday morning, we were greeted by a beautiful pot of dough.

After some rolling, sprinkling, some more rolling, and slicing, we had pans and pans of cinnamon rolls. We knew that one dough roll made about 25 rolls, but what we didn't realize was that we had enough dough to make 2 rolls. That meant that before long, 50 warm and soft cinnamon rolls were coming out of the oven.

Spontaneously, we decided that we had to share these rolls. There were plenty for the family to enjoy and then some. We bundled up and walked a pan of warm rolls across the street to a neighbor. The neighbors were just sitting down to breakfast, so the timing was perfect. Another tray was packaged and delivered to a next door neighbor who has been battling cancer for several years.

What had been dread for me earlier in the weekend, quickly turned to joy. Our family worked together making these delicious rolls, and together we delivered them to neighbors. When the time came for my family to eat the cinnamon rolls at our own table, I know that each bite was sweeter, knowing we had shared them with others.


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