No Recipe Required


No Recipe Required
I love a good recipe. In fact, one of my main jobs on this website has been creating a recipe page filled with step by step directions for delicious and easy to transport meals. But occasionally, it's helpful to have a few meal ideas tucked away that do not require careful instruction.
Meals don't have to be fancy or elaborate to be a great help. When my youngest son had his third open heart surgery this summer, we had no idea how long we would be at the hospital. It was an intense experience, but once he turned a corner, he made quick strides toward recovery. We were discharged after 10 days, faster than expected, and came home to a house with no food in the refrigerator and no energy to pick something up. With very little notice and no time for a complicated recipe, my dear friend showed up at our door with a delicious dinner.
If you are short on time or energy, keep these 3 no recipe required meals in mind.

No Recipe Required

This is the meal that my friend brought over the night we returned from the hospital. She delighted the kids by bringing a large dish of Mac and Cheese (pre-made from Costco, enough for her family of 5 and our family of 5), a salad made from a bagged mix, a simple fruit salad, salmon, and cookies, which she had already made earlier in the week. To cook the salmon, she used the Pioneer Woman's method of drizzling with olive oil and lemon pepper, placing in a cold oven, heating to 400 degrees and taking it out 25 minutes later. It doesn't get easier than that! It was the perfect welcome home meal.

No Recipe Required

Whenever I need a quick meal, my mind turns to stir fry. When you're taking a meal to someone, they are often in need of nutrient-rich foods, and this meal fits the bill. Throw in any vegetable and protein you have in your refrigerator and watch as most any ingredients you choose come together to make a yummy, colorful dish. Serve with rice and bring along some tortillas in case anyone wants to eat it as a wrap.

No Recipe Required

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What happens when you combine pasta, butter, parmesan cheese, and black pepper? Magic! Cacio e Pepe has a fancy name but this classic, 4 ingredient vegetarian pasta dish couldn't be easier to make or more satisfying to eat. Melt the butter while the pasta is cooking and add some of the starchy cooking water to thicken. Add the cheese and pepper and dinner is done. Serve with a side salad or roasted vegetables.
When you're taking someone a meal remember that you're not cooking to impress; you're cooking to show your love and support.

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