New Containers for Your Meals and Potlucks

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New Containers for Your Meals and Potlucks

My friends and I have been taking meals to each other for MANY years now, and honestly, I've gotten a little bored with my container options - until recently. I know that there are many functional options (like foil pans, glass jars, Gladware, etc.) and a meal from a friend tastes delicious no matter how it is transported, but sometimes it's nice to mix things up a bit.

Here are three containers that I've recently discovered and they're my current favorites:

New Containers for Your Meals and Potlucks

1. Pioneer Woman Storage Containers - Aren't these beautiful? I love the patterns and you can mix an match them. Just including one of these with your meal is like including a bouquet of flowers. I'm still not a fan of putting warm food in plastic, so I stick to using these containers for fruit, dessert, and other cool sides. Best of all, they're very reasonable priced (around $4 depending on the size).

New Containers for Your Meals and Potlucks

2. Reynolds Heat & Eat - I'm not certain how long these containers have been available, but I just discovered them. I like that they are recycled and the lids seal tightly. These containers are perfect for transporting meals you've made in a crockpot or on your stove top. Sadly, you cannot bake in them, but they are microwave safe with makes reheating a breeze.

New Containers for Your Meals and Potlucks

3. Nora Flemming - I received this platter as a gift and I took it to my first potluck last month. I love that you can change the look of platter by changing out adorable seasonal accessories that stick right into the edge of the plate. These festive pieces make fantastic wedding gifts!

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