My Kind of Summer

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My <i>Kind</i> of Summer
Our family was able to get away to the lake this summer for vacation. Life almost seemed normal for a few days.
We went kayaking, took hikes, rode bikes, fished a lot and enjoyed an afternoon boating. We watched the sunset over the lake each night and the flickering glow of fireflies as another day was ending.
Whether it's the lake or another special place for your family, I hope you have a similar opportunity to feel normal for a few days and spend time with loved ones. And most importantly, focus on the good visible around you.
My wish during this time of COVID-19 is that we would gain more compassion, courage and resilience, and become:
  • Stronger as an individual, family and community
  • Fulfilled with a greater connection to those we love
  • Appreciative of where our food comes from, our local farmers and grocery store workers
  • Grateful for the pauses in our schedules we weren't expecting or didn't even know we needed
  • Able to feel love through distance, boundaries or a meal delivered to your front porch
  • Willing to ask for help so others can provide meaningful support
  • Supportive of healthcare workers, teachers and others who care for those in need
  • Full of grace and understanding as we may experience this time differently from others (and that's okay)
We see the meals being delivered and hear your stories of how you are positively impacting your community. You each make your community stronger when you lend a hand and serve others in a time of need.
Try these simple ideas to brighten the summer of a family who could use some encouragement. I think we can all agree the world could use a little more pure love, kindness and grace right now.
Kind people are the best kind of people. Always choose kindness.

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Adina & Maureen
Adina & Maureen

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