My Favorite DIY Project Using a Pasta Jar

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My Favorite DIY Project Using a Pasta Jar
Six years ago, I shared this DIY project for a decorative jar and it was an instant favorite. I was folding a HUGE pile of laundry one day and was inspired by a similar project shown on a talk show that's now cancelled. This project resonated with me because I often use jarred pasta sauce when taking meals and I had most of the necessary supplies on hand. Most of all, I thought the finished product was versatile, beautiful, and the perfect gift for a friend. I'm also drawn to quick and simple projects, so this one fit the bill taking less than 30 minutes to complete.

My Favorite DIY Project Using a Pasta Jar

Here's the list of the supplies needed:
  • Empty Bertolli pasta jar (or another brand with an attractive jar)
  • Decorative knob
  • Sandpaper
  • 2 liter soda bottle lid
  • Drill or awl
  • Goo Gone to remove label, if needed
  1. After washing out the jar and lid, remove the labels. Allow some Goo Gone sit on the label area for a few minutes then wipe off the sticky residue. A reader said that if you fill the the jar with boiling water, the label will peel off easily without using Goo Gone.
  2. Lightly sand the jar lid to remove the words. I didn't remove all of the gold paint from the lid because I like having both the gold and silver showing. Obtain a uniform look by sanding lightly in a circular motion a few times once the words are removed.
  3. Use an awl (or drill) to make a small hold in the middle of the jar lid. The hole should be big enough for the knob screw to fit without being too roomy.
  4. Knobs are not made to tighten against a thin object like a lid. Because of this, add a little thickness between the screw and knob. The lid of a 2-liter soda bottle works great. Use an awl (or drill) to also put a hole in the middle of the soda cap. A reader said that you can purchase shorter screws at your local hardware store and they can help you match the knob threads to make sure it fits. *photo below
  5. Put the knob on top of the jar lid. From underneath, put the screw first through the top of the soda cap and then through the jar lid hole. The extra thickness the cap provides should allow for a tight fitting knob.
  6. Once the knob is screwed on tightly, you're done. Enjoy!

My Favorite DIY Project Using a Pasta Jar

My Favorite DIY Project Using a Pasta Jar

The ways you could fill your jar are endless. My jar is now filled with seashells that our family found during a favorite beach trip and dried rose petals from flowers given to us at the funeral of my husband's grandmother.

My Favorite DIY Project Using a Pasta Jar

I found my original knob at Home Depot, but Hobby Lobby also has a huge selection of decorative knobs. On Etsy, I found these adorable asparagus knobs that fit perfectly with our logo.
So, are you going to give this project a try? If so, be sure to post a photo on Facebook or Instagram. I'd love to see what you create.

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