Memorable Mulberry Pie

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Memorable Mulberry Pie

At our house, May time means mulberries. We have a row of mulberry trees along the back of our yard that we almost cut down when we moved into our home and started working on the lawn. We quickly changed our minds when we realized the delight that mulberry picking would bring our three children.

Every spring, there is great excitement when the mulberries are ready for picking. Before we moved, this berry was fairly unknown to me, so I researched what I might be able to make with this plentiful fruit. I discovered a recipe for mulberry pie and stumbled upon the beginning of a tradition. The pies have improved over the past few years as I’ve learned more about pie making, but I still have plenty to learn.

Memorable Mulberry Pie

The pies have become a highly anticipated treat as the weather begins to warm. My children and other neighborhood friends pick berries for hours. On Mulberry Pie Day, I prepare the crust dough in the morning (so it has time to chill) and await the result of the morning harvest, which always includes 50 purple-stained fingers.

Earlier this year, my rolling pin met its demise when I shared it with a friend who was rolling out a sticky batch of homemade red play dough. So, this year’s pie crusts were pressed out by hand. A report came back that this year’s crust was the best yet, so maybe flattening the crust by hand isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Memorable Mulberry Pie

Here is our favorite mulberry pie recipe and here is our favorite crust recipe.

I think what makes mulberry pie so special is that we can only have it once a year. Everyone looks forward to it because it’s a delicious taste that we don’t have all the time and it means that summer is ahead of us. It’s such fun to deliver the warm pies to our neighbors and our own table.

Memorable Mulberry Pie

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