Meaningful Ways to Give Flowers

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Meaningful Ways to Give Flowers
Flowers are a beautiful way to acknowledge someone's loss. A dear friend of mine always remembers the anniversary of my dad's death and that his favorite color was orange. For two years now, she has brought me the most beautiful orange flowers during the time of year when I'm thinking of my dad.
Did you know that each month has a birth flower with significant meaning? Another thoughtful gift for a friend would be giving her the flower connected to her loved one's birth month. For example, the flower for May is Lily of the Valley. In Germany, these flowers are a reminder of the joy to come in the year ahead. You could write a note to your friend with this encouraging message. The article linked above tells you the birth flower and their meanings for each month.
What if you don't happen to have the birth month flower available to you? You could find a card or tea towel picturing the flower. For someone missing a loved one who was born in May, you could give them a tea towel with Lily of the Valley.

Meaningful Ways to Give Flowers

You could also find a simple bracelet or necklace featuring the flower you have in mind to acknowledge a loved one's birth flower in a meaningful way. This artist from Virginia creates and ships some of our favorite botanical jewelry.

Meaningful Ways to Give Flowers

I hope this gives you a new idea when you're looking for a thoughtful way to care for a friend.

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