Love Never Stops... Send A Meal to Honor Sandy Hook Families and Teachers

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Love Never Stops... Send A Meal to Honor Sandy Hook Families and Teachers

Last December, our nation grieved deeply for the students, parents, families, friends, teachers, and staff of Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut.

At that time, we heard from many of our users who wanted to help the families and staff of Sandy Hook School. When we asked how we could lend a hand, we heard that the community was understandably overwhelmed and identifying specific needs was difficult at that time.

Knowing how much a phone call, card, or meal can mean to someone after everyone has gone back to their daily lives, we decided to wait before reaching out. We planned to find a time when we could show Sandy Hook School that love never stops. Grieving is a process that takes a lifetime, and reaching out to someone months or years after a difficult time is just as important as the initial care.

Now, a new school year is starting and Sandy Hook School teachers, staff, and classmates will be heading back to the school routine. Starting a new year will be difficult and we know it's the perfect time to let this school know that they have not been forgotten.

If you felt the urge to help last December, we hope you will join us in reaching out to Sandy Hook School now. This September, we are partnering with A Bowl of Good to hand deliver meals that feed 4-6 people to faculty, staff members, and families at Sandy Hook School. Please consider sponsoring a meal that will include a personal message from you, your family and friends, your co-workers, your church, etc. Any extra money that is raised will be donated to the school.

To sponsor a meal and send a personal message, place your order here:

Let's show the Newtown community that they are still close to our hearts this school year by sending a meal to Sandy Hook.

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