How to Help Quarantined Friends

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How to Help Quarantined Friends
As many of you already know, was started years ago to help my dear friend, Rachel. Her husband, Anthony, recently called me with an idea of how to help others as we face COVID-19. Below, I'll share his idea and others as well.
A family at their church is quarantined. Their church created a meal schedule to help the family (be sure to check out our "no contact" tips for taking meals based on the current CDC recommendations). In addition to meals, this particular family needed household and grocery supplies during their quarantine.
Using and in combination, there is an easy way to help a family with meals AND drop off supplies. The family can create and maintain a schedule where they list needed items. Friends can sign up for what items they will drop off to the family.
If the family also has a meal schedule, the coordinator can link the supply list to the meal schedule by entering the supply list link on the set up page. That way friends can sign up to take meals or view the needed supply list that is updated by the family.

How to Help Quarantined Friends

Regardless of why the quarantine is in place (active COVID-19 or potential COVID-19), it's hard for individuals and families to be at home for weeks at a time. They must rely on others to help if they do not have everything on hand they need.
Here are some ideas for how to help friends and family who are quarantined:
  • Offer to set up a meal schedule or deliver a meal to their porch
  • Suggest they set up a schedule listing their needed grocery or supply items (this can be linked to an existing meal schedule)
  • If grocery pick up is available in your area, offer to pick up and deliver a grocery order to their porch
  • Send the family or friend a gift card to a local restaurant that offers delivery
  • When you're headed to the store, send a quick text asking what is needed
  • Order a board game, puzzle, Lego set or scrapbooking supplies to be delivered
  • Offer to have an online "coffee date" using Zoom, Skype, or Facetime to help pass the time
  • Set up a time to "work out" together online. Yoga workouts suit this well and this site is a favorite of ours.
  • Send or deliver a quarantine care package. We love the idea of giving a plant to liven up the indoor space. Candles, books, blankets, gift cards, cards/envelopes/stamps, and drawing supplies are also all good ideas.
  • Send encouragement through texts, emails, or calls
Using all of the recommended precautions, we can continue to care for our friends and family if they are in need. Our efforts might look a little different as we can't physically be there for them, but we can continue to support them from afar.

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