Holiday Meal Ideas for 2020

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Holiday Meal Ideas for 2020
*In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we want to give away some of the new festive meals in our store. Follow our Instagram account and comment on the post featuring our holiday meals. On Tuesday, 11/17, at noon, we'll select two winners. Meals can be shipped on a date of your choosing.*
Last night, while I was driving with my husband to pick up some carry out, I saw the first house in our neighborhood decorated for Christmas. At first my husband noticed only the white icicle lights along the roof, but then the walkway lined with flashing red and green candy canes came into view. I realized in that moment the holidays are approaching rapidly and our family will need to answer the questions of when, where, and how to gather as we celebrate during this unique year.
For a variety of reasons, not all families will be able to be with each other physically. When I've asked my friends what they are planning to do as far as gathering with loved ones, some are quarantining and then meeting in person, some are gathering outside around heaters, and others are having dinner "together" using video calls. All of our situations are unique, but I'm confident we can come up with good solutions that will allow us to gather and celebrate with food.

Holiday Meal Ideas for 2020

We will be offering our Traditional Turkey Meal in our store, which is perfect for sending to loved ones who might be alone this year. The moist turkey is already prepared so your recipients will just need to thaw and reheat this comforting meal.

Holiday Meal Ideas for 2020

We received an email this week from someone asking when our Christmas Comfort & Joy Soup Meal will be back in our store. She sent it to her daughter last year who loved it and she plans to send it to her friends as a gift this year. It's a lovely holiday meal in a bowl and a favorite of ours here at the site. You can choose 9-grain bread, cornbread, or rice as your side, along with your choice of dessert. The 2-quart meal is the best value when sending this delicious meal.

Holiday Meal Ideas for 2020

New to our store this year is the Holiday Greeter meal serving 5-6 people. This meal includes both turkey and ham as well as mashed potatoes, broccoli, cranberry sauce and your choice of dessert. This meal would be perfect for a family facing a difficult time this holiday season.
For those of you who will be preparing food at home, a local bakery our family loves decided to close for the week of Thanksgiving and is generously sharing five of their most popular recipes on their website for those who are cooking at home. I'm planning to bake their Pumpkin Chai Bundt Cake with Browned Butter Glaze. I'll let you know how it goes.
My hope is all of us will be able to enjoy some of our favorite traditional foods this holiday season. May these foods nourish us and provide us with a sense of normalcy in the midst of everything that is different this year.

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