Gifts to Send a Friend BEFORE a Loss
Gifts to Send a Friend BEFORE a Loss
Last week, I wanted to send a care package to a friend who is walking through cancer with a beloved family member. I was thinking of her constantly. Because I needed some fresh ideas for this type of care package, I checked in on Facebook to ask what others are doing for their friends. The response was overwhelming and I want to share with you all of the fabulous and caring ideas.
Below you will find an incredible list of gifts that say "take care of yourself" and "invite stillness and permission to grieve".
Gift Items
Vintage Cloth Handkerchiefs - more comforting than Kleenex.
"It's neat to think of the generations of women before us who relied upon these pretty things for day to day use as wells big occasions. It's a comforting thought to know these slips of fabric have endured through countless runny noses and broken hearts. They remind us that all storms pass, but we will endure, as the handkerchiefs and the women who used them." ~Stacey
Lavender scented eye mask
Mary Kay eye gel (for puffy eyes)
Sweet smelling candle
Soft cozy blanket or throw
Blank journals
Bath salts
Your favorite music on CD
Bonsai tree (for serenity)
Soothing herbal plant (like lemon verbena)
Disposable plates, cups, and silverware (with a note that says thinking of you - I'll do the dishes for a while)
Wind Chime (with engraving)
Knitted Shawl
Gift Cards
Manicure or pedicure
Flavored coffees and teas
Calming tea - like chamomile
Suckers (or lollipops) like good chocolate ones and tootsie roll pops
Hot cocoa
Homemade Cookies
I'm going to list all of the books mentioned, but please know that I haven't read them all yet... they just arrived and are on my nightstand. It's always good to read a book all the way through before deciding to give it to a friend.
A devotional book
A Sacred Sorrow by Michael Card
A distracting, fun read
Healing After Loss by Martha Whitmore Hickman
Life Lessons by Elisabeth Kugler-Ross, M.D. and David Kessler
From the Heart
Remembering a friend during a difficult time does not need to be costly. Certainly, gifts can be enjoyable to give, but handwritten words of encouragement can mean the world to your friend. Your words don't need to be perfect, but just a reminder that you a just a call or text away.
One woman gave the follow idea which I love...
Trace your hands on paper and cut them out. Connect them with a long ribbon. Mail your connected hands to your friend and call it a "HUG".
Please help me continue this list. How do you encourage your friends during a difficult time?
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