From Your Freezer To Your Family

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From Your Freezer To Your Family

Recently, I was introduced to the eCookbook, From Your Freezer To Your Family written by Stephanie Brandt Cornais of the blog Mama and Baby Love. This collection of recipes is full of healthy ingredients and helpful tips about making easy, convenient meals for your family or a friend in need.

Due to the plentiful harvest from our garden this year, I decided to try the Summer Veggies Soup (p. 18). I was looking for a recipe that would help us enjoy some of our zucchini later in the year. At the time, my husband wasn't feeling well, so I also made the Chicken Stock (p. 5) that would be required later when the meal was pulled from the freezer.

I made the Chicken Stock the day before I made the soup. Here's the result:

Chicken Stock

The following day, I cut up the vegetables, preparing one recipe to be served for supper that evening and another to freeze for later. Boy, did it feel good to get rid of so much zucchini. At first, I forgot to add fresh corn to the mix, but I remembered shortly after I started cooking. The corn adds a delicious sweetness to the soup.


After preparing the vegetables and beans, I put everything into a freezer bag for later. Stephanie created great labels that you can print and attach to your freezer bag. The labels even include instructions for what to do on the day you use the freezer meal. Taking this meal out of the freezer and delivering it to a friend would be a snap. The fact that it's frozen is also nice because the recipient could use the meal exactly when it's needed and save it for later if they happen to be overwhelmed with meals at the time.

Freezer Bag

The fresh pot of soup was very tasty. My whole family gobbled it up. I'm looking forward to pulling this meal out of my freezer to enjoy again when we're having a busy autumn day.

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