5 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Potluck Recipes, from Comfy in the Kitchen
5 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Potluck Recipes, from Comfy in the Kitchen
Ohhh, how I love Thanksgiving!
The heart-felt giving of thanks...family gathered around the dinning room table together... the excitement of out of town guests visiting... a delicious feast of favorite Fall dishes... relaxing... playing games... watching football... the list goes on!
As joyous of an occasion it is... it can also become quite overwhelming to those of us who are in charge of planning the festivities. The meal planning, grocery shopping, baking, expenses, cooking and cleaning can leave us mentally and physically exhausted. We start to let the heavy load of obligations steal our joy and leave us to feel less excited and more anxious. This shouldn't be.
Hostessing should be a BLESSING-not something to be over burdened by.
Do you feel this way, Dear Friend? Do you feel like you - Just. Can't. Do. It. All???
You are not alone.
The perfect solution?
Start planning your menu NOW and throw the "Perfect Thanksgiving Potluck"!
There is NOTHING wrong with asking for help! In my experience guests enjoy bringing something to a gathering. Potluck dinners help tremendously on the costs, time and cleanup it would typically take for one person to do it all.
Where to begin:
  1. Write out your menu. This will include appetizers, the main course {typically meat}, sides {starches, and veggies}, salads, desserts, and drinks.
  2. Insert this menu onto "The Perfect Potluck".
  3. Ask family members who have a "signature dish" to bring it. For example, "Mom's Apple Pie", Grandma's Stuffing, or Dad's Turkey.
  4. If you have particular dishes that you want made, print out recipes {or place the link to the recipe in the notes on Perfect Potluck} and give them to your family members to use. Please be sensitive to them if they would rather use their own recipes for the same dishes.
  5. For those who are attending and do not enjoy cooking ask them to pick up items that can be store bought {for example, a Honey Baked Ham and/or beverages}.
  6. Ask ahead of time for a couple family members to come early to help set up. Also ask who might be willing to help you clean-up. At times dirty dishes get pushed aside and the hostess can find herself alone at the end of the night cleaning up . Again, there is nothing wrong with help! You will be amazed at how easy it is if you just... ask.
Some Favorite Thanksgiving Pot Luck Recipes
You can plan your ENTIRE menu by browsing my FREE E-Book
{no strings attached, I promise}
"Comfy in the Kitchen on Thanksgiving"
Comfy in the Kitchen on Thanksgiving
I pray that this encourages many of you to ask for help and to ENJOY your holidays this year! Potluck planning is a blessing!
Thanks to Perfect Potluck, planning is even easier than ever!
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