Family Fun While Staying Home

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Family Fun While Staying Home
February 2020 was as amazing as we imagined it would be. My professor husband was given a unique opportunity to help lead a study abroad semester in Europe and our whole family got to come along. After planning and dreaming for over a year, we were thrilled to be on our adventure.
Then, the world was turned upside down by the coronavirus. Everything changed so quickly. Before we knew it, all study abroad programs were shut down and we were on a plane back to the United States. When we returned we were told to self-quarantine for 14 days. On our last official day of isolation, Virginia's governor issued a stay-at-home mandate.
As a family of 5 who has barely left the house for the past 4 weeks, we have had to come up with some ideas for family quarantine fun. This experience is a first for all of us and we're all figuring it out together. We've had good days and we've certainly had our share of bad days. One thing I know for sure is to have an abundance of grace - grace for yourself and grace for everyone in your house. Kids are coping with the hard stuff too and may feel like everything is falling apart because their worlds are smaller than ours.
I hope these ideas are helpful as you're figuring out how to structure and enhance the long days at home with kids.
Covid time capsule
As soon as I saw this free activity I knew it was a must do for our family. We will want a way to remember this time and these thoughtful worksheets are a great way to do just that, as well as helping to occupy little minds and hands during the day. (source)
Indoor Scavenger Hunt
Who says scavenger hunts need to be outdoors? Let your kids take your phone with them so they can take photos of their finds (otherwise, you'll be the one putting everything back!).

Family Fun While Staying Home

Do a book or puzzle swap
My book-loving daughter has really missed going to our local library. Friends dropped off books (cleaned with Clorox wipes) at our doorstep and she has loved reading the books her friends love. Consider doing a book or puzzle swap (again, after a thorough disinfecting), so both parties have new material to enjoy.
Photo Projects
My 8-year-old son has loved experimenting with a point and shoot camera we haven't used in years. He picked it up one day out of boredom and started taking photos of things indoors and outdoors that grabbed his attention. When he finished, he created a slideshow with music on my computer. He's made many more slideshows since then and is always so proud to share them with us.
You know those photo books and scrapbook projects there's just never enough time to get into? Now there is! My daughter has loved putting together a scrapbook from our trip abroad. Remember together as you work to assemble and organize precious family memories.

Family Fun While Staying Home

Learn a new skill virtually
Videos and video calls can be so helpful in connecting and learning during this time. My friend's daughter is getting virtual sewing lessons from her grandma over FaceTime. My kids have loved ArtHub for Kids and Mo Willems' lunch doodles to sharpen their art skills.

Family Fun While Staying Home

Look outward while staying in
Take some time to write letters to local nursing home residents. Create encouraging signs to hang in your windows. Draw pictures for hospital employees to express your gratitude. Make beautiful artwork on your driveway with chalk to brighten your neighbor's day. Just because you can't leave your house doesn't mean you can't bless others.

Family Fun While Staying Home

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