Caring for Yourself as you Care for Others

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Caring for Yourself as you Care for Others
We all have our tough seasons or days and some are tougher than others. While taking care of your self may seem like a luxury, the reality is it is a necessity. Self-care is vital and essential to be the best version you can be.
When you take care of yourself those around you will benefit (and notice)! Maybe you care for a spouse or child with a serious illness or an aging parent with dementia or your day includes an out-of-control toddler. Maybe you coordinate the meals ministry at your church or you are receiving meals during an extremely stressful, difficult time.
Self-care is an attitude or mindset of how you value yourself. Here are some practical ways you can say yes to yourself to boost your well-being --- mind, body and spirit.
1. Eat well. Nourish your body with the proper nutrition and fuel. Are you tired of the same boring meals? Check out our recipes that have each been tested and enjoyed. One of my favorites is the Easy Chicken and Dumplins. Consider reaching out to a friend if you need help with meals. Most people are more than happy to help, though not everyone thinks ahead to create a schedule when it is needed.
2. Slow down. I think a lot of us tend to speed up when situations seem out of control and overwhelming. We dig in and do more. The opposite is often more helpful. Even ten minutes of yoga or taking a walk outdoors or a cup of hot tea can help you reset to better focus on the tasks ahead. Don't be afraid to pause. One of my preferred at home yoga sites is Yoga with Adriene. She even has a 30-day yoga journey as well as yoga videos for beginners.
3. Share your needs. It's okay to be needy. Others cannot help if they are unaware of your situation. Be vulnerable and let others enter into your life during this season. Did you know our schedules could be customized to include three sign up lines per day (using the Multiple Meals Per Day feature)? The sign up lines can be named anything you wish like visitation or respite care, transportation to doctor, grocery shopping, childcare or walking the dog, etc.
4. Plan some fun. The act of planning and anticipating a get-away, special evening out or party can boost your happiness and improve your mood. Even a simple coffee date with a dear friend can provide encouragement and much-needed laughter. If this season makes it difficult to do something fun this very minute, start dreaming and planning! Don't forget to check out the PerfectPotluck Calculator to simplify your party planning quantities and invite your friends!
5. Soul Care. Discover what rejuvenates your soul. Take time to really give this some thought, especially if you have forgotten. Personally I love the outdoors on our family farm, camping, yoga, cooking and gardening, reading and spending time with my family. Adina (co-owner of this website) was so kind to give me this book "Whispers of Rest - 40 Days of God's Love to Revitalize Your Soul" by Bonnie Gray. Each day is full of wisdom with a story, reflection, prayer and rest section, today's beloved challenge and soul care trail notes. Go find a good book or meaningful hobby and discover what restores you!

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