Caring Ideas During Chemo

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Caring Ideas During Chemo

Recently, Dr. Elan Miller authored a post with 44 ways to make the day of someone with cancer. It's a list you will want to save and refer to when you have a friend who is struggling.

We also asked our friends on Facebook to share how they care for friends who are going through chemotherapy. Sometimes it's difficult to know what to do, but when you hear ideas from someone who has been there, helping becomes easier. Here are 8 more caring suggestions:

"A dear friend gave me a blank, lined notebook early on. I used it to take notes about treatments, medications, to write down my nurses' names, etc. I've tried to look at since, but almost 6 years later it doesn't hold the importance it did then. I also loved when someone would talk with me about anything other than cancer. That's what I try to do for others now." ~Martha Stallings Shaw

"The best advice is to not say, "Let me know if there's anything I can do for you." Just do something instead!!!" ~Kim Sieler

"Offer to change the bed sheets once or twice a week! Also - take them home and launder them! But be careful of 'smelly' laundry soaps! And all of the 'junk' mail! Maybe a clause friend could sort out and make their bill-paying a little easier!" ~Martha Kempf Scholl

"I often take a book, magazine and/or devotional and I put chapstick with it and scripture tea bags...and then a chamomile tea bag etc...I tie them all up with a bow and just drop off for the person. Also if I am the one running the take them a meal and I know who signed up to take them meals, I buy a pack of thank you cards and open them and put everyones address on the outside of the envelopes and a stamp, and tie them up with a pretty string/bow. Then the thank you notes are ready to be filled out and mailed. Less for the person who is ill or their family to do." ~Brantley Gantt Averkamp

"Realize that the person going through the treatment will not eat much of anything. I ate what I felt like, when I felt like it. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 2 in the morning. My family was grateful for the meals. But after six weeks they hated spaghetti. Even though meals were made by different people a lot was the same. Baked spaghetti, spaghetti, lasagna, goulash, Italian sausage and red sauce. One of the kids favorite meals was a picnic. Hot Dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, chips, and brownies. It made life feel "normal" and brought back some great memories. Prayers for your friend!" ~Catherine Sowa Meintsma

"My daughter in law has had a weekly infusion of some very toxic drugs since December. She needs mint or ginger things like gum or tic tacs or lifesavers during the infusions because the taste that comes to her mouth is horrible. Bottled water and any meds she takes at home in case they want to check them. Plastic silverware in case she has to use a spoon because of the metal taste. Be supportive and encourage the patient to communicate what they are feeling and what makes them uncomfortable. They can offer warm blankets, snacks, juice and water. They have so much to help them and many problems can be made easier. Also, she likes to post a picture on her Facebook page of who takes her to chemo each week. She is amazing and strong. ABOVE all, don't wear any perfume, or scented hair products or lotions. You may be asked to leave or you may make the patient very nauseated-they have very sensitive noses in chemo therapy. Hope this helps." ~Linda McGregor

"There's a cookbook I love and have used repeatedly when sharing food over several months for good friends or good friends' family members. It's Holly Clegg's Eating Well Through Cancer. It talks about foods that commonly trigger "funny tastes" or such. The food has been excellent, and suitable for the whole family, not just the patient." ~Marcia Barton

"Hot or iced tea made with spring water, green tea, little agave, lemon, and ginger (fresh pressed or powdered). Garnish with mint leaves, sliced lemon, etc. So fresh, especially iced, and the ginger helps with nausea." ~Melissa Horn

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