Beauty from Ashes....

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Beauty from Ashes....

Beauty from Ashes

For me, this phrase is an exquisite description of those who are transformed in and through their suffering and become an offering of encouragement and hope to others. My dear friend Ashlee exemplifies this type of beauty to me. It is my honor to have this opportunity and avenue to introduce theBeauty from Ashesof Ashlee Proffitt to you.

The way I met Ashlee was not so beautiful. We met in the ashes, just weeks after her precious five-week-old son, Aaden Sage, breathed his last breath. Our mutual friend Erin united us, hoping I'm sure that I could pass a torch of hope onto this newly grieving mama. Five years have passed since then and Ashlee has a torch of her own... a bright flame that will bless any family that is forced to join us on this path of losing and longing for our little ones.

Ashlee's passion and mission are simple:

"I am an artist. I see beauty everywhere and I see opportunities to bring light where there is just darkness. My hope is to do that for those grieving; to create the most beautiful paper goods for memorial services and gifts for the days following that will bring joy and light and comfort and peace and hope."

When Ashlee asked if I would allow her to use my Anna's name and her photograph to display the feminine side of, I humbly and gratefully accepted. I eagerly awaited the grand reveal. And then it came. I had no words. I sat at my computer, gazing at the beauty before me, the art that encircled and described my precious still-born daughter and I wept. How can I adequately describe this pain bursting with joy? How can I describe the gratitude I feel for these tangible treasures that now exist? Ashlee took a name and a snapshot of what once was and gave it new life, new beauty and meaning. These beautiful products are so much more than paper... they are comprised of loveliness, grace and comfort. What a priceless gift to this grieving mother.

I cringe at the thought of anyone having to plan a memorial service for their child. When I think back to those days I shudder. I am certainly grateful for the family that took the burden from me and planned the service and created the programs as beautifully as they could. But oh how I wish I had known Ashlee back during this horrific time... how I wish that these beautiful products could have cushioned our fall, inserting beauty and light into our forced darkness.

Thank you dear Ashlee for pouring your heart and soul, your pain and passion into every piece of art that will bless those who grieve. And thank you precious Aaden for leaving your beautiful mark on this world and for making a difference in the lives of others... again, again and again.

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