Attention All of Our Artist Friends!

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Attention All of Our Artist Friends!
Are you an artist who uses our site and is inspired by the work that we do? If so, we would LOVE your help.
We have an online store that ships meals when you want to help a friend, but you cannot prepare a meal yourself because you live too far away or are short on time. We include an enclosure card in each of our shipped meals that contains a personal note from the sender.

Attention All of Our Artist Friends!

We've been using our current printed card for almost two years and we love it! A local artist, Mary, created it for us and she captured beautifully the emotion that the sender wants the recipient to feel when opening the meal. Because we love Mary's work so much, I'm linking to her Etsy shop for those of you who might like to explore her offerings further. A favorite of mine are the watercolor paintings that she does on hymnal pages.
While we would like to use our current enclosure card longer, we also realize that it's time to add something new into the mix. If you are inspired and would enjoy creating a card design for us to consider, we want to see it. Please email your design to in a .jpg or .pdf file format.
Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Not everyone is receiving a meal for a joyous occasion - some meals are to help during a time of loss, but everyone receives the same card
  • The card is the first thing the recipient sees when opening the box
  • The card goes on top of the meal photo/directions which is designed with dark green and purple
  • The inside of the card has the message from the sender
  • The shipping box pictures the Blue Ridge Mountains in purple
  • The shipping box has our logo on one side (SendThemAMeal) and our meal partner's logo on the other side (A Bowl of Good)
  • The opposite sides of the shipping box both say "Prepared and Shared with Love"

Attention All of Our Artist Friends!

We will be accepting submissions until December 15, 2019. Our team will review the submissions and choose a favorite. The artist will be notified and the artwork will be used with permission.

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