An Unexpected Gift

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An Unexpected Gift

Someone I just met gave me the nicest gift, and she had no idea how much it would mean to me. Barb didn't know me other than the fact that we were both informal cheerleaders for the 2014 Little League Yankees. I was at each game cheering on my son, Nolan, and she was faithfully there to cheer on her grandson.

During one cold evening game, I brought along some hot tea for me and my husband. We often feel lonely in the world of coffee drinkers, so it was fun to learn that Barb preferred tea over coffee as well. We discussed our favorite teas and decided to share some samples of our favorites with each other at the next game.

Before the next game, I put a few teaspoons of our two favorite loose teas in some labeled Ziploc bags a looked forward to giving them to Barb. She kindly accepted and said she had some tea for me in her car. I walked with her to get the tea.

When Barb turned around from reaching in her car, she was holding a beautiful tea basket for me filled with ALL kinds of tea goodies. Just a few of the items included were her favorite tea magazine, a tea mystery book, my own tea cup (and one of those tiny silver spoons that I've always wanted), numerous teas that she enjoys, tea linens, and a book about tea to read with my children.

An Unexpected Gift

I realized that while I love to drink tea, Barb was an expert on EVERYTHING tea related. I felt privileged that she shared some of her favorite items with me.

Not only was the basket a lovely gift, the gesture touched me in a much deeper way. May is my favorite month of the year. I love all the new life emerging around me and the vibrant outdoor colors that display again. The air is warm, but not too warm, and the colors of green are new and fresh. Watching baseball slows down our family's routine. Unfortunately, this May has been different for our family.

My dad is sick with cancer. May is now the month when we found out the cancer is in a new location. Not long after baseball season ended last year was the first time I noticed that he was not feeling well. This year, we know why.

My dad loves baseball and if we lived nearer to him and if he felt better, I know he would be at every game cheering on his grandson. I've enjoyed each game, but each one has held a sadness for me as well.

Barb's gift was was unexpected. When she was making that thoughtful tea basket for me and my family, she didn't know we were facing a difficult time. In the end, the gift meant more to us than she could have ever imagined.

I've decided to let Barb's tea cup remind me to think of ways to give to people who I may not know well. I won't always know what others are facing, but I can still care for them, and maybe it will be at just the right time.

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