Advanced Settings Available to Meal Coordinators

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Advanced Settings Available to Meal Coordinators
We realized recently that our site has some handy tools and tricks for those of you who are coordinating meal schedules for a friend - but many of you don't know about them. We want to get these helpful tips into your hands in case they would be helpful as you care for your friends.
There are multiple ways to customize your meal schedules to best meet your needs as well as those of your meal providers.

Advanced Settings Available to Meal Coordinators

Once you are logged into the meal schedule you are coordinating using your administrative password (just enter your administrative password in the upper right corner of the meal schedule page), several features show up on the gold bar at the top of the meal schedule.

Advanced Settings Available to Meal Coordinators

One option that you may have never checked out before is "Advanced Settings". Click on "Advanced Settings" to see all of the ways you can customize a meal schedule you've created.
Here are some FANTASTIC options available to you as a meal coordinator (followed by a screen shot of how it will look on your computer):
  • You can adjust your meal schedule so you are the only person who can invite people to participate.
  • You can hide the email addresses and/or phone numbers of meal providers on the meal schedule if that works best for your group.
  • You can make it so once a person signs up, he/she must contact you to change the sign up.
  • You can stop the reminder emails from being sent to your meal providers.
  • You can decide if you want reminders emails to go out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 days in advance.
  • You can stop our thank you email from being sent.
  • You can display all the meals that have been provided through the meal schedule.
  • You can copy yourself on the email sent to providers when they sign up.
While the default settings on our site are there to help in most situations, we realize that sometimes there are exceptions and a little customization will help our meal coordinators. If you didn't know about our "Advanced Settings", we hope they will be helpful to you.

Advanced Settings Available to Meal Coordinators

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