Add Helpful Links to Meal Schedules & Potlucks

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Add Helpful Links to Meal Schedules & Potlucks
Did you know that you can add links to other websites within your meal schedules or potluck plans?
We recently came across a meal schedule where the family was not only in need of meals, but medical supplies. The meal coordinator worked with the family to create an Wishlist which included some helpful items. Not only could friends sign up to take a meal, but friends who wanted to help further could send the family some needed supplies.

Add Helpful Links to Meal Schedules & Potlucks

As a meal coordinator, here some creative ideas for how you might use links:
  1. If a family is facing a difficult medical situation, you could link to their blog that they update regularly (i.e. or their Facebook page.
  2. If you are hosting a potluck with a specific theme, you could link to appropriate recipes.
  3. If you are coordinating meals for an individual with specific dietary needs, you could link to a site explaining what foods are best for your friend and/or a site that offers allergy-friendly recipes.
  4. If you are arranging meals or needed items for someone after a house fire, you could link to a registry on or that would show people what items are needed.
  5. If you are setting up meals for someone who is having a baby, you could add a link to a baby registry.
This is the portion of the set up form (it looks the same on and, where you can add links that will appear in your note.

Add Helpful Links to Meal Schedules & Potlucks

These suggestions are definitely not exhaustive, but hopefully, it gives you some ideas of situations when linking to another site could be helpful. If you have any difficulty, we're happy to help (
We'd love to hear how you are using links when creating your meal schedules or potlucks!

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