A New Family Tradition

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A New Family Tradition
"Taking a drive to look at my neighborhood Christmas lights or reading 'Twas The Night Before Christmas may not seem like much, but each year as a child I looked forward to these activities almost as much as opening presents on Christmas morning Now, as an adult, I treasure these memories of family time much more than any material gift."
   - Renee Robinson, Seeking Christmas: Finding the True Meaning Through Family Traditions

My dear friend, Renee Robinson, inspires me to be a better mom and wife. She is a true friend who lives an authentic life trying to faithfully care for her family.

After having her first child, Renee longed to communicate the meaningful parts of Christmas to her family while creating memorable traditions.

Over time, she developed an interactive way for her children to begin learning and exploring the meaning of Christmas. The idea worked so well in her own family that she decided to share it with others. The result is her new book, Seeking Christmas: Finding the True Meaning Through Family Traditions.

Renee's book provides you with the opportunity to read and reflect on a portion of the Christmas story for seven days. Questions about each reading are provided by age (9 and under, 10-14, and 15+), and a suggested tradition is provided as a way to end your family's time together. The suggested traditions are no cost or very low cost, but very memorable.

To supplement her book, Renee offers ornament templates that coordinate with the readings for each of the seven days. For younger children, you can wrap and hide the daily ornament which adds to the excitement.

My family is preparing to enjoy Renee's book again this year and we created our ornaments recently. I decided to Mod Podge the templates onto canning jar lids. This method worked perfectly and was an easy project for me and my 8 year old son.

A New Family Tradition

First, my son used an awe to put a small hole in the top of each canning jar lid (for the hanging ribbon).

A New Family Tradition

Next, we printed the Seeking Christmas ornament templates. We gathered our Mod Podge, paint brush, and ribbon.

A New Family Tradition

After cutting out the templates, we painted Mod Podge onto the jar lids and centered the ornament templates. Then we painted over the template as well. The Mod Podge will dry clear.

A New Family Tradition

After the front of each ornament is dry, we repeat the same procedure with the back.

A New Family Tradition

Lastly, we put your ribbon through the top of each ornament so they are ready to hang.

I'm planing to use Renee's book with my own family again this year, and I've bought several others as gifts for our friends. You can read more about Seeking Christmas: Finding the True Meaning Through Family Traditions here.

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