A Letter to the Mom Who is Hoping Her Child Will Be Well Enough to Attend School This Year

AUGUST 25, 2017  /  ADINA BAILEY  / 

A Letter to the Mom Who is Hoping Her Child Will Be Well Enough to Attend School This Year

Dear Mom,

I suspect your Facebook feed is filled this week of smiling faces of children headed back to school. I know these images are difficult to see because you're hoping your child will be well enough to attend school this year.

This isn't the kind of difficulty where someone would think bring you a meal, but I know it's a hard week for you.

Instead of the excitement that is felt by so many other parents, your mind is filled with concern. Maybe your child has a chronic illness, separation anxiety, fears, behavioral issues, severe food allergies, or a host of other possibilities that can make school challenging. Maybe your family has been holding on by a thread this summer, seeing doctors, specialists, or counselors more than your own friends.

Even deciding if your child is well enough to attend school this year has been a difficult decision. If you decide to send your child, you are literally holding your breath. Will your child willingly walk into the building? Will the school office call to tell you that you need to come and pick up your child? Will your child be ridiculed for his struggles by other students? At the end of the school day, will your child come home exhausted, not ready to take on another day? All you can do is wait and pray.

I know it's not easy.

If you decided your child is not well enough for school, I know that you are grieving what is lost - caring teachers, time with friends, fields trips, lunches, new school supplies and learning experiences. You wonder if you are doing enough school work at home or getting behind. You long for a "normal" day when your child is feeling well. Seeing your child suffer throughout the day is heartbreaking.

I'm not certain which mom you are. Maybe you're the mom who is trying to help an ill child attend school or maybe you're the mom who is longing for normalcy at home with a sick child. Either way, I want you to know that you are not alone during this "back to school" time.


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