A letter to my children as they watch their grandfather face cancer


A letter to my children as they watch their grandfather face cancer

To my children,

A letter to my children as they watch their grandfather face cancer

I know this past year has been hard for you. I'm so sorry that you had to learn the word CANCER and how it changes lives. You already miss what your grandfather was able to do with you just a few short months ago. Thank you for being flexible and adjusting to so many changes. Your smiles and willingness to spend time with him in new ways have certainly brought him much joy.

Our family has been given the gift of time to say goodbye. You are doing this well by traveling with me to see your grandfather and checking on him during our visits, by mowing his lawn, feeding his fish, and sitting with him. You tell him that you love him when we arrive and many times when we depart. Your grandfather knows how much you adore him.

Please remember that people are not always given the opportunity to say goodbye. While these months have been hard, they have also been precious. Always let people know how much they mean to you in case one day you are suddenly separated until eternity. You will not have regrets if you consistently love your family and friends well.

You are learning to say goodbye to a loved one at an age far younger than I would have wanted for you. It's hard to see your tears. Right along with you, I am learning that our only hope in all of life's circumstance is Jesus. Even in this difficult time, God is caring for your grandfather and he is caring for you. God knows the number of our days.

"Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them." Psalm 139:16

We can trust in God's plan for your grandfather's life and for your life.

Your dad and I are here for you. When you are sad, please tell us. Wake us up in the middle of the night if you need to talk. We may not have words to comfort you, but we will pray with you and seek God's peace together.

For Christmas each year, your grandfather has always asked that instead of giving him a gift, you find a way to care for someone else in his honor. As you go through your life, when you hear that someone has CANCER, offer a specific way to help their family. See if you can take them a meal, mow the lawn, take care of pets, or visit them. These acts of kindness toward others are gifts you can continue to give because you have learned the word CANCER.

I know you will miss your grandfather terribly. He has lived well and loved you well.

All my love,


This post was originally written for the new blog, Overcomer Outreach created by our very own Janelle Nehrenz of Comfy in the Kitchen.

My dad passed away on November 26, 2014. We miss him already.

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