6 Unusual Ways to Help From a Distance

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6 Unusual Ways to Help From a Distance
We often hear from others who want to care for a loved one from a distance, especially an elderly parent. It can feel a little daunting to know how to best help when miles separate your homes but not your hearts.
Over the years meal coordinators have shared some wonderful ways they use our website to care for aging parents, grandparents and other relatives and loved ones.
Besides the obvious benefit of using TakeThemAMeal.com to schedule meals, we have compiled other creative tips and ideas below.
1. Schedule regular visits with friends
Quality time engaged with friends in conversation and laughter can brighten anyone's day, especially an older adult who is confined to their home or in hospice care. In addition to scheduling meals, a schedule can be designed to coordinate visits (daily, weekly or any frequency that is preferred).
Even if you can't physically be there for a loved one, you can easily care from a distance and invite others to participate locally.

6 Unusual Ways to Help From a Distance

2. Arrange a phone call schedule
Friends and loved ones can sign up on the schedule to call and make sure all is well. For someone who is unable to easily leave home, this could be a favorite time of the day. It can be isolating to be at home for long periods. A shared conversation is good for the soul!
A daily phone call can help an older adult stay involved in life and can alert others to concerns that need attention. Those who volunteer to call on a specific day are not limited by distance!
3. Coordinate weekly grocery shopping
Do you know an older adult who is unable to grocery shop easily? It is a blessing when others volunteer to pick up groceries and deliver them. The 'Notes' section of the meal schedule can be customized to include a weekly grocery list of favorite items, basic pantry staples and other necessities.
The schedule could even include a combination of meals provided and designated grocery days. A healthy, balanced diet and proper nutrition are especially important for older adults. Coordinate and manage the schedule from a distance and rest assured as others sign up to help.
4. Organize transportation to medical appointments
We are often asked if our website can be used to schedule transportation to doctor appointments or chemo treatments. Yes, this can easily be arranged, and the details shared in the 'Notes' section of the schedule. The gifts of your time and transportation to a medical appointment are invaluable.
This service provides much needed companionship and assistance during a difficult time. After meals, transportation scheduling is one of the most popular uses of our website. You don't have to be local to coordinate a schedule!
5. Customize your schedule (up to 3 sign-up lines per day)
To include the above non-meal ideas (and your other creative ideas too) your schedule can be created with up to 3 sign up lines per day. The sign up lines per day are typically used to provide multiple meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), but these lines can be customized and named anything you wish. Such as:
  • Afternoon visit
  • Transportation to doctor
  • Grocery shopping
  • Phone call
  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • House work
  • Lunch or dinner
  • Chemo appointment
  • Yard work help
Those familiar with TakeThemAMeal.com easily adapt to using the website for other creative uses that can be explained in the 'Notes' section of the schedule.
6. Send A Meal
We even ship meals so your care can be hand-delivered to a loved one's door. Our Six Pint Soup Package is designed especially for individuals.
Do you use our website to care for others beyond providing meals? We would love to hear your creative ideas!

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